The GeM Award: How to Apply


The GeM Award is open to graduates of architecture from IUAV that have submitted their dissertation in Conservation and Re-use and achieved a minimum score of 108/110.

It is also open to architects that are undertaking the IUAV School of Specialization in Architectural and Landscape Heritage.

The candidates will be shortlisted by the Department of Architecture and Art of IUAV and then interviewed by 3 members of the GeM award steering group. 

Application process

The 3 to 4 candidates will be selected by a panel of professors from IUAV. The GeM panel will ask all candidates to complete an application submission by 30th of June that includes:

  1. An application form – Click to download
  2. a brief personal description (max 2000 characters) of your thesis
  3. a pdf of your thesis
  4. a couple of your drawings if thesis has been discussed in group
  5. at least one handmade sketch

Candidates will be asked to show evidence of other interests, particularly of a practical or artistic nature. If the application are in excess of 5, the GeM panel will evaluate the works presented and will call 3 or 4 candidates for a Team interview.

Selection criteria

Principally the interviewers look for a candidate who:

  • is enthusiastic about historic buildings
  • is observant (and preferably has some ability to draw accurately)
  • demonstrates adequate proficiency in English to maximise the benefits from the UK experience
  • is willing to learn, ask questions, and discuss through different ideas
  • has good social skills
  • is reasonably fit (the programme is demanding both physically and mentally)