About us

Italian architect Gloria Trevisan, 26, and her architect partner Marco Gottardi, 27, had only recently moved to London, finding an appartment on the 23rd floor of the Grenfell Tower. Gloria started working for Peregrine Bryant Architects on the 1st of June 2017. Immediately, her talent was recognised, working with Laura Morgante on a conservation project for Sir John Soane’s Stables at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. Yet only a couple of weeks later, her life would tragically be cut short.

“I remember I left her at the Sloane Square Station; she was going back to the office and I went for another meeting. It was the last time I said goodbye to the beautiful Gloria. That evening, on the 13th of June, she stayed late in the office to complete a drawing for a meeting the next day at the Royal Hospital of Chelsea. The following morning when she didn’t arrive at the office, we thought it was very unusual for her to be late. When we double checked her address, we realised she was there, on the top floor of the Grenfell Tower.” Laura Morgante.

The Gloria e Marco Charity (GeM) has been established in memory of Gloria and her fiancé Marco, after their lives where so tragically cut short in the horrific fire of the Grenfell Tower. The aim of the charity is to ensure the memory of this beautiful young couple lives on and their mutual love for architecture is memorialized in the form of an annual scholarship.

Our Trustees

  • Thomas Peregrine Stansfeld Bryant, Chairperson
  • Clive James Dawson
  • Alexandra Astrid Josephine Valmarana
  • Catharine Diana Bull
  • Andrea Bucca
  • Emma-Louise Margaret Bassett
  • Lucinda Jane Auldjo Bannister
  • Andrea Brufatto
  • Susan Lisa McDonough
  • Laura Morgante

Our Partners

The Gloria Marco Charity works with a number of partner organisations to ensure recipients of our scholarship have access to an enriching and educational experience during their time in the UK.

Historic England

National Trust

The Landmark Trust

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)